March, 2012

standard The Swankiness of a Real Estate IRA

While investing in property might initially seem boring to an ultra-swanky hipster like yourself, are you aware of the fact you could turn your old-fashioned retirement account into a real estate money maker and make yourself filthy, stinking rich in the process? We’re not kidding. Have you seen the hotness factor exhibited by the women that the eternally goofy-looking real estate and television mogul Donald Trump typically ends up with? Draw whatever conclusion you want, but we’re just saying that the size of his wallet might have something to do with it. Seriously…that hair…the abrasiveness.

standard SL 28 – “Alphadog” with Wing Girl Kim

Join Jake Swank as he interviews Wing Girl Kim, author of Alphadog, Get the Bitch You Want. Wing Girl Kim (Kiai Kim) gives a woman’s perspective on dating, going beyond the typical dating advice and pickup tactics to explore leadership principles in dating, i.e. the Alphadog image. For more details, listen at: She talks about why she chose the dog to teach dating advice and principles, as well as describing the pack mentality in humans, whether in business, family, or even dating. Wing Girl Kim examines what women really want, saying that most women want a man with leadership abilities, not the macho image. Men have a tendency to come off too strong and Kim advises men to step back, slow down, and give the woman space …

standard The Four Best Restaurants in America

There are restaurants and then there are RESTAURANTS, and it wouldn’t kill you to take your girlfriend, wife, or other significant female in your life to one of the latter every now and then, would it? And when you’re ready to pull out all the stops on a gustatory excursion, it’s good to know who ranks where on the annual rankings of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. For now, we’re going to focus on the four best dining spots in the United States for 2011.

standard Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

There’s no way around it. Long distance relationships are tough. Maybe one of the most difficult romantic choices a person can make, and therein lies the rub. Only a bona fide cretin would set out with the express purpose of finding a lover many time zones away, especially given the inherent accompanying stress of not being able to see your sweetie on a daily basis, but it still happens. However, once you make the decision to go that route, we’re talking simple survival.