February, 2012

standard Valentine’s Day 2012 – Assessing the Damage

Guys, listen up. If you ever for a single fleeting instant thought Valentine’s Day was about couples, you’re wrong. Get used to it. Seriously, VD is about your woman lock, stock, and barrel. From beginning to end. Sun up to sundown. The sooner you internalize and accept this fact of life, the better. As far as your personal feelings regarding this made up holiday go, it simply doesn’t matter. Maybe you think it’s the lamest, most useless day of the year. The bottom line is that your woman likely doesn’t share your opinion.
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There’s a line from an Alan Jackson song: “When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Get the drift? The point is that the sooner you quit fighting the need to do VD …

standard SL 27 – A Foreign Affair, Explaining “Mail-Order Brides” with John Adams

Historically, the term “mail-order bride” referred to women from well-developed ares who listed themselves in catalogs and were selected by men in overseas colonies or frontier lands for marriage. Today, mail-order brides work with international marriage agencies, where they list their profile online and men view these profiles and often post their own profiles, similar to online dating sites. Jake Swank interviews “A Foreign Affair” co-owner, John Adams about how this service-oriented business works. Listen at:  www.SwankLife.com. John debunks the stereotype behind the term of “mail-order bride,” explaining that it doesn’t really even exist anymore. Clients correspond back and forth, and many take 10-14 day romance tours to meet many fascinating singles and enjoy exciting vacations. John and co-owner, Ron Redburn and Chief Technological Officer Ken Agee are …