August, 2011

standard Building Charisma From the Ground Up

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-558" src="" alt="" width="184" height="240" />It's very simple. If you're going to get girls to pay attention to you, unless you've set your standards very low, you're going to need some charisma. Want to see charisma in action? Watch a James Bond or<a href="" target="_blank"> Humphrey Bogart</a> movie. Modern Hollywood A-List actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Tom Cruise can be good for studying as well. We're talking about their onscreen performances of course. The difficulty lies in translating these manufactured traits and installing them to some extent in your real life.

standard 5 High School Habits That Are Bad, Bad, Bad

If you’re one of the 95% of students who heaved a lengthy sigh of relief when high school finally ended, we hate to be the ones to point out how habits formed way back then could STILL be affecting your professional career, dating life and who knows what else? We recently stumbled across a very interesting article by Jeff Haden writing for BNET, in which he examined the distinct possibility that a disturbing number of us are still led astray by high school hang-ups.

standard Love gone Bad in the Sunshine State

It’s easy to get down on yourself, feeling like your love life couldn’t be worse. Here’s some news for you. It can ALWAYS be worse. Take a gander at the following real items from various Florida newspapers and immediately begin feeling better about yourself. If you recognize yourself anywhere below, sorry, but it appears your decision-making skills need some work.

standard SL26 – A Controversial Look at a 21st Century Survival Guide for Men with RK Hendrick

Join Jake Swank and RK Hendrick, Esq. as they discuss Hendrick’s controversial book, How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid.  Visit: Hendrick’s many years of experience in family/divorce law has made him an expert on harmful legal practices and predatory social practices against men in today’s society.  In this episode, Hendrick shares with Jake how the scales of justice have shifted substantially against men, whether it concerns protecting their personal fortune or gaining equal footing in a custody battle, etc, and discusses how to recognize the warning signs of a problem relationship before it’s too late.
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In his legal career spanning nearly 20 years, RK Hendrick has been a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, a pro tem judge and a family law attorney (divorce, custody and …