July, 2011

standard 3 Real Tales of Epic Dating Fails

Sometimes you stumble across a blog so perfect that it needs nothing else added to it. The following is not that blog, though it is pretty darn good. This one needs a warning included. The problem with it is that too many guys will read it and laugh, certain in their mind they would never make such a hideous dating error, then turn around and do something equally stupid when it comes time to ask a girl out next Saturday night. The following comes to us via the auspices of JordanHarbinger.com, detailing three solid candidates for “Stupid Dating Dude of the Year.”

standard 3 Things Money Can Buy – One Thing It Can’t

Perhaps never before has such as vexing question been paid on the heart of young Don Juans’ everywhere. No, it’s not why did the chicken cross the road? The question we’re talking about is do you need lots of money to get the girl? More specifically, the kind of girl you think you want. To answer that question, we turn to a recent article in Psychology Today, a periodical that wants to know why money is darn sexy anyway?

standard Increase Your Koolness Quotient With Kindle

Having the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips is not a bad thing when it comes to increasing your swankiness score. You've got the iPhone and the iPad. You're all over the social media outlets, updating your status, tweeting your every move. But do you have a Kindle ebook reader yet? Not to discriminate against other manufacturers like Nook and Kobe, but it's a lot easier to talk about one, so let's go with Amazon's Kindle.
In case you missed the news and think that ebooks are a passing fad, after less than four years of selling in digital format, ebook sales have surpassed printed book sales at Amazon. Add to that little nugget of information the fact that the Kindle has become Amazon's best selling product ever.
The …

standard SL25 – Love Systems and Magic Bullets with Nick Savoy

Dating is a science, but not rocket science.  Approaching beautiful women can be intimidating, whether in a bar, club, mall, or coffee shop, and many men don’t understand the psychology of women.  Join Jake Swank and Nick Savoy, CEO of Love Systems and author of Magic Bullets, as they discuss insights and techniques on approaching and becoming successful with women in the dating scene.   “To succeed with a woman, your best chances are to make an emotional connection, to make a physical connection, and to get the logistics right,” says Savoy.  To learn more, visit:  http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/.
microsoft office 2010 purchase
Nick (Savoy) is President and CEO of Love Systems Corporation and is the author of Magic Bullets, our “bible” of dating science and social dynamics. He loves adventure and a …