June, 2011

standard SL24 – Taking Personal Response-Ability in Relationships

Join Jake Swank on this episode of Swank Life as he and Joergen Rasmussen, author of Provocative Hypnosis, and one-on-one coach and family therapist in the UK, discuss many common thinking patterns and behaviors in relationships that often lead to unhappiness and frustration.  Joergen talks about one key element in making positive changes, whether you’re looking for a relationship or currently in one:  personal response-ability.  Many people”s focus is “If I could change him/her, I would be happy.”  Joergen explains why this approach doesn”t work and offers practical advice for achieving ones” personal happiness and confidence.  To learn more, listen at: http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/.
Joergen Rasmussen entered the world of change-work over 11 years ago and asked himself many questions that didn’t seem to have been answered.  Not until he set …

standard 19 Pick Up Terms Every Swank Guy Should Know

It’s a brave, new dating world out there, Swanksters, and if you don’t know know the lingo, you’re liable to get very, very confused while reading websites like this one. We talk to the gurus on a regular basis, then report back to you here at Swank Life. If you want to know what they’re actually talking about, read on…

standard 7 Ways to Fix Her Moods

Guys tend to think in straight lines. See problem. Develop instant solution. Sorry girls, we’re just wired that way. That’s why you need girlfriends, to perk you up when you’re feeling down, commiserate over the terrible state of your life at that very moment – even though it will probably seem much cheerier in a few short hours – and, gosh darn it, just be there to listen while you blow off a ton of steam after a horrible week at work.