April, 2011

standard Always Be Learning – Smart is STILL Sexy

SwankLife.comAs the creator of The Swank Life Show, Jake Swank is the swankiest guy we know and packs a lot of life knowledge for guys into his 10 Commandments for Swank Life. One we’d like to review today goes as follows:

“Flex thy mind and body: Smart isn’t just sexy, it’s swanky. ABL – Always Be Learning is the mantra for the modern Renaissance Man. You’re not a leader unless you’re a reader, nor an earner unless you’re a learner. But all “know” without the “get up and go” does not a Swank Life disciple make. A fully flexed mind combined with a highly tuned body creates the ultimate in irresistibility.”

standard Is It Okay for the Groom to Cheat at His Bachelor Party?

SwankLife.comSilly question. Of course, it’s okay for a groom to cheat at his bachelor party, provided one of the following three conditions exist.

1. You’re an idiot
2. You’re a moron
3. You’re an imbecile

Seriously, cheating at your bachelor party is just about the worst idea we can think of. It’s the least swanky thing that Jake Swank can think of off the the top of head and makes him wonder what the heck you’re doing planning on getting married in the first place? Here’s a good bit of advice straight from the Jakester.

standard SL23 – "Amplify the Attraction" with Bobby Rio

Jake Swank talks with Bobby Rio, Chief Editor of TSBMag.com, as well as creator of Amplify the Attraction and Make Small Talk Sexy, both innovative relationship educational resources for guys. Visit: http://swanklife.com/category/audio-podcast/. Why does he do it? In Bobby Rio”s own words:
“They say when you find something you love- Go with it! I love learning, perfecting, teaching, talking about, analyzing, and mastering the art of seducing beautiful women. I”ve packed seven years of life consuming passion into this website. Below you will find the best articles I”ve found written on seduction, every possible method of seduction, and my personal stories of seduction. This is “The Seduction Bible”
In Amplify the Attraction, Bobby discusses the five switches that consistently and reliably trigger attraction in the woman you”re talking to.
1. Playfulness
Playfulness …

standard Snapshot of a Swank Life Guy

<a rel="attachment wp-att-461" href="http://swanklife.com/blog/snapshot-of-a-swank-life-guy/attachment/24022011186/"><img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-461" src="http://swanklife.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/24022011186-150×150.jpg" alt="SwankLife.com" width="150" height="150" /></a>How can you tell if you've achieved your full measure of swankiness? Can you legitimately call yourself a Swank Life guy? That's an easy one to answer. Swankiness is a goal you never reach but, likewise, never stop striving for. No man ever tops out at 100% Swank Quotient and can sit back and wait for the women to flock around like flies.

True swankiness, the development of body and mind, is a process that should not stop until you are in the grave. So what areas of self-improvement does a Swank Life guy need to work on, specifically? To answer that all important question, let's review the 10 Commandments for Swank Life as provided for us by the one and only Jake Swank.

standard When It’s Good to Be Dumped by Your Girlfriend…

SwankLife.comJust like on those cheesy commercials, you get dumped out of the blue by your girlfriend via text. No warning. No signs. Or you uncover such a blatant case of cheating that it seems like she wanted to get caught. Here’s the truth of the matter. Maybe she did want to get caught. Maybe the strong, independent guy she hooked up with has morphed into a whiny, sniveling half-girl/half-man that she can’t stand to be around any more.