December, 2010

standard Get the Girl – No Bars or Pickup Lines Necessary

SwankLife.comThe average guy hears the words “seduction” or “dating” and visions of stumbling through slimy bars spring to mind, where the music is loud and the chances for success rise incrementally with the amount of alcohol she imbibes. Does this scenario make your skin crawl? It should. Drunken slut sex is nothing to remember or take great pride in the conquest. Wouldn’t it be nice instead, to meet a nice woman somewhere other than a bar and be able to break the ice without resorting to a lame pickup line that causes you to cringe even as the words spill from your mouth?

standard Is It Bad Form to Destroy the Boyfriend?

SwankLife.comA recent question to Speed Seduction guru, Ross Jeffries, raised the topic of “boyfriend destroying.” Specifically, is it a heinous act most foul to plow right through a girl’s protestations that she has a boyfriend which, as we all know, is code for, “Get out of my face, loser!” The Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) hears this, puts his hands in his pockets and shuffles away. What Jeffries is saying, and Swank Life concurs, is don’t make it that easy on her. Claiming to have a boyfriend is the oldest trick in the book. The chance of a Super Hot Babe (SHB) having absolutely no male companionship in her life at any given moment is pretty low.

standard Larry the Cable Guy. Anti-Swank?

SwankLife.comSometimes the easiest way to define a term is to tell you what it’s not. So it is with swank. We were innocently surfing the Internet today, doing a bit of research for random topics that might or might not hold any interest to you, when it happened. Christmas videos from Larry the Cable (LTCG). If you’re not familiar with Larry’s antics, we’d like to congratulate you on your incredibly good fortune. Remember Jeff Foxworthy of You Might Be a Redneck… fame? He was the original standup funny guy to make a living mocking rednecks.

standard Present Thy Swankiest Self

SwankLife.comWhen we sat down Swank Life founder and host extraordinaire, Jake Swank, for a skull session explaining exactly what he means by Swank Life Commandment #2, we got an earful; the guy is passionate on the topic. Faithful blog readers might already be familiar with the Commandments but every once in a while we like to pull back the curtain and take a longer look at exactly how you can make your life even swankier than before.

standard Ice Queen or Low Self Esteem?

The Swank Life ShowWhere does all that drama come from? Is she just another psychotic female or is there a smidgin of a chance that, underneath the frozen personality and outright meanness, lies a reason for the behavior? Swank Life is here to tell you that there is an underlying reason for almost all behavior on this planet of ours. In a small percentage of cases, the reason is mental instability or outright psychosis. We suggest you avoid women like this.

standard If You’re Boring Guy, Find A Hobby

SwankLife.comThere’s one big, fat reason that the hot women you run into aren’t on the prowl for Boring Guy. Can you guess it? We’ll wait…that’s long enough. The truth is that your average SHB is not going to settle for Boring Guy because they’re, well, so boring. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to make yourself less boring. Imagine how far James Bond would get with the uber-swanky women he regularly crosses with if the extent of his conversation was the past weekend’s football scores and how job stress was making him cranky.

standard She Runs Hot, Except When She’s Cold

The Swank Life ShowIf you’ve been playing the scene long, you’ve probably run into the following scenario a time or two and wondered, “What the hell?” You meet a woman. The conversation flows, as does the wine, and she seems to be genuinely into you. Sincere smiles, touching your arm, all that crap. At the end of the evening, she gives you her number and, with a “come hither” look in her eye, says you should call sometime.

standard New to Frame Control? It's Critical.

The Swank Life ShowIf you’re choosing to wing it through your dating life and are uncomfortably aware of the inconsistent results, you’re not alone. There are plenty of perfectly suitable guys like yourself that simply don’t have a clue about how to control and direct the conversation. We’re not talking about heavy-handed control, she’ll recognize that immediately and hate it, but rather a deft, almost transparent touch that ends up making you look like quite appealing.

standard Only Swanky When You Feel Like It? Mistake!

The Swank Life ShowIn pursuit of the ultimate swankness, you can skip this post if you can absolutely guarantee to us that you will never, ever accidentally run into a Super Hot Babe (SHB) during the few minutes it takes to make that emergency run to the nearest convenience store looking like warmed over crap. Do you think she finds warmed over crap appealing? If so, you need to upgrade your standards and quick, my friend, unless you’re into Kinky Super Hot Babe (KSHB) but that’s a topic for another website. The point we’re making is you have GOT to present your swankiest side at all times.

standard Which is Swankiest – Activity or Exercise?

<a rel="attachment wp-att-105" href=""><img class="size-thumbnail wp-image-105 alignleft" src="×150.jpg" alt="The Swank Life Show" width="150" height="150" /></a>At <strong><a href="">Swank Life</a></strong> we realize that there is an issue that needs to be addressed early in the game. The truth is we like to use the word “swank.” A lot. The great thing about swank is, like the F word, it can be employed as almost any part of speech: adverb, noun, verb (that's a fun one), adjective – you get the idea. As a heretofore underutilized part of the English language, we decided we should at least offer a cursory definition before proceeding. Keep in mind your real swank education will be delivered through the pages of this blog and via the Swank Life Show podcasts available here also.